Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting

Place: BLDG 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 97/03/21

[0] Agenda
   0.1) General Notifications
   0.2) CAL Subgroup Status
   0.3) CDC Subgroup Status
[1] General Notifications
   1.1) JLC Workstation Cluster Reconfiguration (Miyamoto)
      	Now all the jlcux's are running with HP-UX10.10.
      	Together with this, major reconfiguration is on-going
      	as explained in /jlc/adm/TO-DO.

      	Some points of interest:
      	(i) Disk rearrangement
      		jlcux1 -- home directory (a new 8GB disk)
      			  disks on which utilities reside
      			  	/mnt/utility ..... /kek/local/ 
      			  	/mnt/usr/local ... /usr/local/ : HP-UX 9.05
      			  	/mnt/jlc ......... /jlc/local/ : HP-UX 10.10
      		jlcsv1 -- group disks
      	(ii) New standard .login and .cshrc are available
      	     for test use. Modify yours following these examples.
   1.2) Sudou's farewell party (Yamaguchi)
   	18:00 Today at Tsubohachi in Kuidaore. 
   1.3) Pretalks for JPS Spring Meeting 97
   	10:00, March 26.
   		Toeda, Suzuki, and Yamaguchi

[2] CAL Subgroup Status (Suzuki and Toeda)
   Preliminary results from beam tests are reported.

	Looked at 6:2, 8:2, and 10:2 data. Found some muon
	After elimination of this, observed
	(i)  overcompensation
	(ii) energy resolutions as expected.
[3] CDC Subgroup Status (Yamaguchi)

   Finished cosmic ray data taking and replaced the windows
   by transparent ones. Chamber gas is now CO2 without isobutane.
   Nominal H.V. for CO2+Isobutane could be applied.
   	---> Finished electrostatic sag measurments for the
   	     five sense wires in the central cell.
   	---> CCD camera calibration data showed good linearity
   	     as before.
   	---> The sag data will be used in the analysis of the cosmic 
   	     ray data.
   Residual distribution for each sense wire eliminating itself from
   the line fit shows a clear z-dependence:
   	---> Electrostatic sags are less prominent near the chamber ends.
   	---> Determination of spatial resolution requires the correction
   	     for the wire sags.