Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting

Place: BLDG 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 96/12/20

[0] Agenda
   0.1) CDC Subgroup Status Report
   0.2) Kakenhi Report
   0.3) ACFA HE WS
   0.4) Others
[1] CDC Subgroup Status (S.Sudou)
   1.1) FADC Tests
   	Analysis results for the FADC calibration data were
   	  a) Linearity seems OK qualitatively.
   	  	--> better parabola-fit the data to make
   	  	    quantitative statements.
   	  b) Pedestals are more important in terms of spatial
   	  	--> monitored on an event-by-event basis by
   	  	    sampling pre-20 channels before each signal.
   1.2) Cosmic Ray Data Taking

	E fields were calculated taking approximately the present 
	H.V. configuration into account.
	Some drawbacks:
	  a) no floating wires 
	  b) no gravitational and electrostatic sags
	Results under the conditions above:
	  a) E-fields seem uniform enough.
	  b) v_drift is around 
	  	v_drift = 5cm/6.5 microsec
[2] Kakenhi Report (A.Miyamoto)

	The kakenhi report of Kobayashi's team is due in March.
	A.Miyamoto will plays the role of chief editor.
	He explained a tentative schedule and proposed choir sharing
	scheme, who is responsible for what.
	The report is intended to be self-contained.
	The person responsible for each part should thus try to include
	as much information as possible.
	The plan and the list of the responsible persons will be
	distributed via internet.

[3] ACFA HEP Working Group (T.Matsui)

	T.Matsui investigated the size and activity of the Asian HEP
	community and, based on which, speculated a possible scheme
	for working group formation or workshop organization or both.

[4] Others

   4.1) KEK Open House (T.Omori)
      	1997 KEK Open House will be on Sep. 15. JLC's display will
      	likely be in the Main building together with Atlas Japan.
      	It is not bad as long as enough computer terminals are
      	available there. If not, we ask for the Fuji B3 side room.
   4.2) Next Meeting		

	The next meeting will be on Jan. 17, 1997.