Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting

Place: BLDG 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 96/12/13

[0] Agenda
   0.1) General Notification
   0.2) CDC Subgroup Status Report
   0.3) CAL Subgroup Status Report
   0.4) Others
[1] General Notification

   1.1) JPS97 Spring Meeting (A.Miyamoto)
   	We are going to have a JLC symposium in the afternoon 
   	session of March 28, 1997.
   	A. Miyamoto explained a tentative program.

   1.2) KEK Open House (T.Omori)
   	The next KEK open house will be on Sep. 15, '97.
   	T.Omori, as a member of the organizing committee,
   	asked for suggestions from the JLC group, since
   	there will be the first meeting soon.
   	Those who have any idea should contact T.Omori.
   1.3) JLC Cluster Maintenance
   	jlcux's will be down in the afternoon, Dec. 20 for
   	scheduled maintenance.
[2] CDC Subgroup Status (S.Sudou)

   2.1) Hardware Improvement
   	Started operating a new flamable gas monitor.
   2.2) Cosmic Ray Data Taking

	Improved the data taking program to include 20 channels
	preceding the first channel above the threshold, in 
	order to monitor pedestals on event by event basis. 
	Cosmic ray data taking is on going.
	Took FADC calibration data.
		--> some problem with the pedestal which seems
		    to vary with the input pulse height.
	T.Yoshida installed the latest version of Garfield (v5.35)
	in jlcux1. S.Sudou and A.Yamaguchi started using it to
	calculate x-t relations for the test chamber.
	Data analysis will follow this.
[3] CAL Subgroup Status (Y.Fujii)

	The CAL subgroup is planning to do a beam test in February
	and its preparation is on going.
	Y.Fujii explained the planned setup and data taking strategy.

	One of the main goals of the beam test is to investigate the
	effect of plastic plates used to back the scintillator to
	facilitate scintillating fiber readout.
		--> very little is known about its effect on 
		    compensation, and consequently on energy 
	Another important test item is the incident angle effect,
	which is a potential problem with the currently conceived
	readout method:
		--> sampling rate depends on incident angle.
	This requires reassembly of the whole system, in order
	to avoid shower leakage.
[3] Others

   3.1) APPI97 (Y.Fujii)
   	A tentative meeting schedule was shown.
   	It was pointed out that the schedule will be very tight
   	if everybody to give a 30min talk.
   	Y.Fujii will work out possible way out.