Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting

Place: BLDG 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 96/11/29

[0] Agenda
   0.1) General Notification
   0.2) CDC Subgroup Status Report
   0.3) Others
[1] General Notification

   1.1) Financial Status (A.Miyamoto)
   	The current status of JLC group's budget execution was explained.
   	Our budget is of short string but is still more or less helthy.
   	Save money but carry out any planned purchace swiftly.

   1.2) Computing and Network (A.Miyamoto)
   	a) POP Server on KEKVAX
   		The POP service on KEKVAX will be terminated, which 
   		will affect those who are using a mailer program
   		such as "Eudra" on remote machines.
   		Get an account on the new mailer machine "mail.kek.jp"
   		and use the POP server on it, if necessary.
   	b) Workstation Operation in Winter Vacation
   		ccjlc's will always be up until running into any trouble.
   		jlcux's will probably be up unless there is any problem
   		with airconditionning or electricity.
[2] CDC Subgroup Status

   2.1) Gas and H.V. System Improvements
   	Added a gas purer before the gas inlet, which is expected to
   	work also as a gas mixer.
   	Inserted 1MOhm registers to protect wires from any discharge
   	of 10microF capacitors.
   	The O2 level in the chamber now reached equilibrium.
   2.2) Cosmic Ray Data Taking
   	Started cosmic ray data taking with the nominal chamber gas
   	Gas gain is now much higher compared to the previous pure CO2
   	The data analysis of the first CO2-IsoButane run is in progress.
[3] Others

   3.1) 6th JLC Workshop
   	Hitoshi Murayama is going to give us a review talk.