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Common optics for 0.3 - 1.5 TeV

(K.Oide)[2] The basic idea of the optical system, consisting of two CCS(chromaticity-correction section with two identical sextupole magnets connected by a pseudo-I transformer), the final "telescope" and matching sections, is equivalent to that of the optics of FFTB. The total length of final focus system is 1600 m per beam for a common beam line at $0.3 < \sqrt{s} < 1.5$TeV except for the final doublets which must be changed twice at least. The momentum acceptance is $\delta p /p = \pm 1.0$%, and the total beam intensity in a bunch-train must be very stable within $\pm 
0.5$%. If the system is optimized at $\sqrt{s}$=0.5 (1.5)TeV, the length is 500 (1100) m. The above optimization should be discussed.

Toshiaki Tauchi