LCWS95 Tentative Program and Conveners

Tentative Program as of July 13.

Thursday, September 7, 1995

    Evening -- Registration and Welcome Party
      17:00 - 20:30

Friday, September 8, 1995

    Morning -- Opening Session
     7:30-       Registraion
     8:30-8:40   Opening Session
     8:40-9:40   Physics Prospects      H.Murayama (LBL)
    10:10-11:10  Accelerator Overview   G.Loew (SLAC, Chairman of
                                        Technical Review Committee

    Afternoon -- Parallel Sessions and Convenors
    13:00-15:00  Higgs                 Top
                 P.Janot (CERN),       R.Miquel (CERN), 
                 K.Kawagoe(Kobe)       Y.Sumino (Tohoku) 
    15:15-16:45  Higgs(continued)      Top(continued)

    Evening -- Reception
    17:00-       Shuttle buses leave APPI
    18:30-20:30  Reception at Morioka Grand Hotel

Saturday, September 9, 1995

    Morning -- Parallel Sessions and Convenors
     8:30-10:00  Strongly Interacting Higgs Sectors    QCD 
                 C.P.Yuan (Michigan),                  M.Jezabek (INP Cracow),
                 M.Tanabashi (KEK)                     P.Burrows (MIT) 
    10:30-12:00  SUSY                                  Extended Gauge Sectors
                 X.Tata (Hawaii),                      C.Verzegnassi (Lecce/INFN)
                 M.Nojiri (KEK)

    Afternoon -- Parallel Sessions and Convenors
    13:30-15:30  SUSY (continued)                      W/Z 
                                                       K.Hikasa (Tohoku),
                                                       K.Riles (Michigan)
    16:00-18:30  Experimentation                       Other Options 
                 R.Settles (MPI), R.Jacobsen           V.Telnov (BINP),
                 (LBL), S.K.Kim(Seoul)                 G.Jikia (Protovino)

Sunday, September 10, 1995


Monday, September 11, 1995

     Morning -- Plenary Sessions
      8:30- 9:05  CLIC Test Facility                  J-P.Delahaye (CERN)
      9:05- 9:40  JLC Accelerator Test Facility       H.Hayano (KEK) 
      9:40-10:15  NLCTA Status                        C.Adolphsen (SLAC)
     10:45-11:20  TESLA/S-band Test Facility          M.Leenen (DESY)
     11:20-11:55  VLEPP Test Facility                 V.Balakin (BINP)

     Afternoon -- Plenary Sessions
     13:30-14:05  Higgs(Theory)                       Y.Okada (KEK)
     14:05-14:40  Higgs (Experiment)                  R.Van Kooten (Indiana) 
     14:40-15:15  Strongly Interacting Higgs Sectors  T.Barklow (SLAC) 
     15:45-16:20  Top (Theory)                        L.Orr (Rochester)
     16:20-16:55  Top (Experiment)                    R.Frey (Oregon)
     16:55-17:30  QCD                                 S.Bethke (Aachen)

     Evening -- Banquet
     18:30-20:30  Banquet at Hotel APPI Grand

Tuesday, September 12, 1995

     Morning -- Plenary Sessions
      8:00- 8:45   W/Z                                F.Boudjema (LAPP Annecy)
      8:40- 9:20   Extended Gauge Sectors             A.Djouadi (Montreal)
      9:50-10:25   SUSY (Theory)                      M.Peskin (SLAC) 
     10:25-11:00   SUSY (Experiment)                  K.Fujii (KEK)
     11:00-11:35   Other Options                      D.Miller (UC London) 

     Afternoon -- Plenary Sessions
     13:30-13:45   Experimentation                    T.Tauchi (KEK)
     13:45-14:35   Concluding Remarks                 D.Burke (SLAC)

E-mail Addresses of Conveners and Speakers

Parallel Sessions

  Higgs            P.Janot (CERN)     
                   K.Kawagoe  (Kobe)  
  Top              R.Miquel  (CERN)    
                   Y.Sumino  (Tohoku) 
  SUSY             X.Tata (Hawaii)              tata@uhhepg.bitnet
                   M.Nojiri  (KEK)    
  QCD              M.Jezabek (INP Cracow)
                   P.Burrows (MIT)    
  W/Z              K.Hikasa (Tohoku)  
                   K.Riles  (Michigan)          keithr@cernvm.bitnet
  Strong Higgs     C.P.Yuan (Michigan)          yuan@umiphys.bitnet
                   M.Tanabashi  (KEK) 
  Extended Gauge   C.Verzegnassi (Lecce/INFN)
  Experimentation  R.Settles  (MPI)             sts@cernvm.bitnet
                   R.Jacobsen  (LBL)  
                   S.K.Kim  (Seoul)         
  Other Options    V.Telnov  (BINP)   
                   G.Jikia  (Protovino)

Plenary Speakers

  Physics Prospects     H.Murayama (LBL)
  Accelerator Overview  G.Loew (SLAC)

  CLIC Test Facility        J-P.Delahaye (CERN)  jpd@cernvm.bitnet
  JLC ATF                   H.Hayano (KEK) 
  NLC Test Accelerator      C.Adolphsen (SLAC)
  TESLA/SBLC Test Facility  M.Leenen (DESY) 
  VLEPP Test Facility       V.Balakin (BINP)

  Higgs             Y.Okada (KEK)                
                    R.Van Kooten  (Indiana)
  Top               R.Frey  (Oregon)     
                    L.Orr (Rochester)  
  SUSY              M.Peskin  (SLAC)     
                    K.Fujii  (KEK)            
  QCD               S.Bethke (CERN)    
  W/Z               F.Boudjema  (LAPP Annecy)  
  Strong Higgs      T.Barklow  (SLAC)    
  Extended Gauge    A.Djouadi  (Montreal)
  Experimentation   T.Tauchi  (KEK)        
  Other Options     D.Miller  (UC London)     

  Concluding Remarks   D.Burke (SLAC)            daveb@slacvm.bitnet 

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