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News and Events

Annual meeting (~1 day) on report of subdetector R&D, coupled to regional meetings, with televideo provided to the other regions.
  • Calorimetry and Forward Detectors, Asia, Summer, 2003

Old news and events are archived here.

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Numbered items are those refered in the report, and their reference numbers.
  1. Particle Physics Experiments at JLC, KEK-Report 2001-11, hep-ph/0109166 -> http://acfahep.kek.jp/acfareport/
  2. TESLA Technical Design Report, DESY 2001-011, ECFA 2001-209 -> http://tesla.desy.de/new_pages/TDR_CD/start.html
  3. T.Kamon (Texas A&M), a proposal to the Prescott committee
  4. CALICE collaboration, DESY PRC-R&D 01/02 -> http://polywww.in2p3.fr/tesla/calice.html
  5. R.Frey (U.of Oregon) and M.Breidenbach (SLAC), a proposal to the Prescott committee
  6. Collaboration of KEK, Niigata U, U.of Tsukuba
    A.Sanchez (Niigata U.), Proc. of APPI2002, KEK Proceedings 2002-8 -> http://acfahep.kek.jp/appi/2002/proceedings.html
    A.Sanchez (Niigata U.), Talk at JPS meeting, March 2002
  7. DESY PRC-R&D 00/02
  8. F.Kajino et.al., Nucl.Instr.Meth.A383(1996)260
    K.Kawagoe in LCWS2000 Proceedings -> http://www-jlc.kek.jp/subg/cal/index-e.html#library
  9. http://hep.caltech.edu/~zhu/
  10. K.Sekiguchi (U.of Tsukuba), Talk at JPS meeting, March 2002
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  12. http://nicadd.niu.edu/dhcal/
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  16. http://www.slac.stanford.edu/pubs/icfa/fall01/paper3/paper3a.html
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