14 January 2005









Dear Colleagues:


The next TESLA (Technology) Collaboration meeting will be held here at DESY from the 30th March until the 1st April. This will be the first Collaboration Meeting of a new era, in which the Collaboration will focus specifically on supporting the high field and high Q superconducting RF technology which it has successfully developed over the last decade. At the Orsay meeting the Collaboration agreed that it would attempt to provide a common base for R&D efforts of the specific projects which propose to make use of the technology (e.g. XFEL, ILC, Proton Driver and numerous proposed linac-driven light sources). The potential for maximising synergy and reducing duplication of effort across these projects has obvious benefits for all.


In light of these goals, we propose that the DESY meeting be focused on the Test Facilities. The TTF has been the central focus of the Collaboration and is currently a unique facility in the World. However, to support the growing need for test infrastructures for the many ambitious projects, new test facilities in the other two regions are now being proposed (most notably SMTF in the US, and the STF at KEK). The Collaboration Meeting at DESY can provide a timely forum for


-       discussion of the overlap and interplay of these test facilities;

-       attempting to define the boundary conditions and requirements of the facilities, with the aim of maximising the interplay between them;

-       strengthen the collaboration between the various groups involved.


To support these aims, we would like to extend the invitation beyond the formal membership of the Collaboration, to include all non-member institutes who have an interest in the technology (and specifically the test facilities).


A tentative draft agenda and a registration form will be available shortly on the TESLA web site (http://tesla.desy.de). We look forward to seeing you here at DESY.


With best regards


Prof. Dr. Albrecht Wagner

Chairman of the Collaboration Board