Dear Colleagues,

This mail is sent to those who signed at the Detector Meeting held
yesterday (8/19) and the members of jlcexp mailing list.

We are now collecting files presented at the meeting. They will be posted on
the web soon.

In the meeting, we discussed what have been achieved in the past R&D
and what need to be done next. The general agreement in the meeting was
that it is a time to go beyond the base line design. It will be important
to be ready to propose not only the base line design but also the BEST one
with the time scale assumed in the GLC Project Report.  As attempts toward
the best, new R&D plans to study TPC and digital calorimeter technologies
have been presented in the meeting. In the study, we should not neglect
the cold machine until the decision of accelerator technology.

At the end of the meeting, we discussed about budgetary resources.
Several possibilities have been pointed out, such as US-Japan,
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(including GakuJyutsu Sousai),
KEK, DESY and others.

After the discussion, we agreed to prepare proposals for US-Japan.
Items and persons in charge for preparation of drafts are,
(1) CCD and APS(?),  Sugimoto(KEK),
(2) TPC, Kobayashi(KEK)
(3) Digital Calorimeter, Takeshita(ShinSyu)
(4) Simulation, K.Fujii(KEK)
A.Miyamoto will coordinate balances of each items.
Proposals  should describe targets of studies and responsibilities of
Japan and US. First drafts of proposals are requested to be prepared by
the end of October.  Any comments and suggestion are highly welcomed.

Application to other resources are equally important and highly encouraged.

That's a short summary of the detector meeting held in 19 August.
Let me know any comments or corrections if any.

with best regards
Akiya Miyamoto

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